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Preparation Is the Key to A Good Sale

Are you thinking about selling? Our guides can help! Let us calculate your property’s worth in today’s market, so you can know what to expect. Learn tips for preparing and marketing your home, so you can attract the right buyer. Selling your home is no easy feat, but Jeannie is a seasoned expert who can help you get the most for your property.


Preparing the Grounds of The Property

Everything out the outside of the property should be tidy and inviting. Rake up any leaves or debris, mow the lawn, and trim any shrubbery. Consider the landscaping options that are available to you. It could be worth it to put in some flowers or other plants to increase the home’s charm. Consider hiring a staging company to set up furnishings inside and to make the house look like a home, without actually moving in. Open the windows to let the fresh air in, and move trash cans out of view. If you are still living in the house while it is being shown, keep things clean and neat so that when you learn of a showing, you can straighten up quickly and disappear.


Preparing the Grounds of The Property

Potential homebuyers base much of their perceptions on photographs. Be sure to have good pictures of the outside of the home showing the property from the front, and showing any features of the property, including a pool, trails, and garden. Take the pictures at a time of day when the sun does not cast shadows, you want potential buyers to see your property in the best light. Inside, take pictures of every room: try to get a full view of each, either with video or with the panorama setting on your camera, so potential buyers can get a virtual tour.

To get the word out about your home, post the listing online and in your local newspapers. Put an attractive sign out with a phone number that prospective buyers can call. Finally, sometimes word-of-mouth can be a very effective way to sell your house. Tell everyone you meet that you’re selling your home. You never know where your buyer might come from.

Know the Value of Your Residential Property


When you put your house up for sale, the hopes are that it will sell quickly. Unfortunately, many homes go on the market and stay on the market, because they are priced much higher than they are actually worth. Residential housing prices fluctuate with the market, so the price you paid could be very different from the price at which you end up selling. In order to save yourself frustration and wasted time, we can give you an idea of what your home is worth.

Some people are shocked when they learn the value of their home. You don’t have to be one of those people. Complete this form as accurately as you can and we’ll come up with an estimate, based on recent home sales in your area.

Know Your Home’s Worth

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